Monday, June 6, 2011

Geography of the West Indies

The geography of the Caribbean is confusing.  The West Indies are made up of the islands of the Caribbean Sea and are divided into the Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles.  Puerto Rico and three other larger islands make up the Greater Antilles.  The others are Cuba, Hispanola, and Jamaica.  Hispanola is divided into to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Puerto Rico is the eastern most of the Greater Antilles.  For further info, the Lesser Antilles include the Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, and Windward Islands.  That's a lot, but I've always wanted to understand it better.  Here's an outline view:
West Indies = Islands of the Caribbean Sea
    1. Greater Antilles
      1. Cuba
      2. Hispanola
      3. Jamaica
      4. Puerto Rico <======================
    2. Lesser Antilles
      1. Virgin Islands
      2. Windward Islands (get the wind first)
        1. Martinique
        2. St. Lucia
        3. St. Vincent
        4. The Grendadines
          1. Carriacou
          2. Tobago Cays
          3. Bequia
        5. Grenada
      3. Leeward Islands  (less wind)
        1. Dominica
        2. Guadelope
        3. Montserrat
        4. Antigua
        5. Barbuda
        6. St. Kitts
        7. Nevis
        8. Anguilla
        9. St. Maarten
This information helped me as I never knew how various islands related to each other geographically and I'd never heard of some.  Have you been to any?

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