Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cruise the Mediteranean

I'm doing some research for a customer's potential cruise vacation and want to share some of what I'm seeing.  All the common cruise lines in the US have European cruises.  Looking at summer cruises, there are more in June and July than April and May and more in May than April.

Assuming more than a week, which would be needed to do The Med justice, one can cruise for 10 to 14 days in a range of about $1500 to about $3400 for an oceanview stateroom.  Oceanview obstructed is a bit less, balconies and suites are more.  There are few if any inside rooms listed.  It would be a crime to sail the Mediterranean without a view of one's own.  On cruises to anywhere, for me, it is well worth the money to have a balcony.  I like to sit out early and late and enjoy the ocean.  So, I would investigate the balcony for a med trip.

Once the selection has been narrowed down, we travel agents, I'm a travel agent, can find savings from state of residence, age, date, specials, etc.  We must double check the advertised specials as they are sometimes offset completely by a higher price or restrictions - same with everything... (Did you catch the My Cousin Vinny reference?)

Note that using a travel agent does not increase the travel or accomodation price.  Travel agents are paid a commission by the seller at no increase in price.  That is because otherwise the seller's employees would be doing that same research and management work.

Oh, back to the Mediterranean - itineraries mostly embark, debark, at Venice, Rome, or Barcelona.  There are some roundtrip from the UK and of course there are trans-atlantic cruises.  These are quite long and include as many as 10 days at sea.  I love to cruise, really love it, but 10 days on the water would be too much for me.  I'd like to hear your experiences and preferences!

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