Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What happens on a cruise ship during a hurricane?

What happens when hurricanes interrupt a cruise?  Well, it happened to us.  We call it the cruise to nowhere.  We left Galveston headed for Cozumel et al.  The storm turned toward Cozumel so we were redirected to the inner eastern coast of Mexico in the Gulf.  Then the storm headed there and we turned to go to New Orleans.  After a loooong trip up the canal/approach we docked and headed out to shop.  We were there only an hour or so when we were called back to the ship because THE STORM WAS HEADED TO NEW ORLEANS!  The trip back out to sea was very rough.

So, here's what happened.  We were redirected obviously; but the trip was affected in other ways.  Everywhere we sailed the seas were rough and the likelihood of sliding dishes was high.  But, we were safe and activities continued on board.

By sliding dishes, I mean all the dishes from all the tables on the Lido sliding off the tables, across the floor, and into the windows on the downhill side.  We WERE safe but there were some seasick folks.

Some people were very agitated and caused a lot of drama at the guest services desk.  We just went about our cruising business and made the best of it.  The cruise line will probably give some concessions or bonuses due to the storm.  They will help people get back home as needed.  Sadly, those who through a fit fared better than those of us who didn't when it came to concessions from the cruise line.

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